2017 The 80th Anniversary of the Basque Refugee Children’s arrival in Caerleon




In May 1937 around 4000 children arrived by boat at Southampton. They were refugees from the Basque area of Spain. On July 10th 1937, 56 of those children came to Caerleon.

  • Why did they come to Britain?
  • Why did they come to Caerleon?
  • Where did they live in Caerleon?
  • What did they think of life in Wales?
  • What happened to them later?

Even if you have already heard the story of the Basque refugee children in Caerleon there is always more to reflect on and learn – and commemorate.

We will be commemorating the arrival of the children in Caerleon – 80 years ago to the day – by holding a number of FREE events during Monday, July 10th in the company of: –

  • EDDIE BUTLER, acclaimed TV presenter and commentator, author, journalist and former Wales rugby team player – who made the BBC film ‘Wales and the Basque Refugees: The Children’s Story’.
  • HYWEL DAVIES, author of the book ‘Fleeing Franco – How Wales gave shelter to refugee children from the Basque country during the Spanish Civil War’.
  • CARMEN KILNER Secretary of the Basque Children of ’37 Association UK
  • PLUS – A guided walking tour of Caerleon to see where the children lived.
  • A panel discussion including local politicians and people currently working with refugee children
  • An exhibition of photos and other memorabilia dating from the 1930’s
  • Entertainment with a Basque flavour. Tickets £8

All events will be held on Monday, July 10th in the Festival Marquee on the lawn of The Priory Hotel, CaerleonWhy not come and help commemorate this historic date in Caerleon’s calendar. 

More of the evening concert given by NA-MARA 8.30pm-10.15pm

They are well known for their songs about the Spanish Civil War and maintain close ties with the International Brigade Memorial Trust. Our concert will include songs that are directly related to the Basque refugee children.

See more  http://www.na-mara.com

Hear more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTk36UJIbqQ#action=share

To buy tickets, please do so online, or at Caerleon Post Office

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