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Here you will find all you need to know about the Arts Festival that is held in Caerleon every summer together with other events, scheduled throughout the year.

We want you to easily access information on Festival events and keep you in touch with what is happening and how to book tickets. You can share your views with us too so we are in touch.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Richard Digance

By popular demand we are excited to learn that RICHARD is returning to Llanhennock Village Hall for another evening of laughter and song. A great welcome awaits this extraordinary raconteur and musician. 2017 marks 50 years of performing by Richard Digance. With a BAFTA nomination as TV Entertainer of the Year and Gold Award recipient from The British Academy of Composers, he turned his back on show biz for his first love of music and live performance. 4,000 live shows, 62 British tours, 14 books, 3 stage plays, 32 albums and nearly 4 million YouTube visits says it all.

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Pagoda Project

Paul Hutchinson, also known for Belshazzars Feast, and Karen Wimhurst, previously a member of the Cauld Blast Orchestra, have a wealth of musical experience in a diverse range of genres from classical to folk. Both are talented composers, educators and performers and are highly regarded musicians in their own right.

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Now that the field has been given its autumn mowing, all we’ve got to do now is plant and sow this lot! The plug plants are the result of our collective sowing and potting on over the summer. We’ll be getting some of the Junior school children who sowed them in the Spring to plant […]

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Latest UPDATE on Festival Field

Latest UPDATE on Festival Field The grass has been cut and arisings carted off yesterday, by a Monmouthshire Meadow Group approved contractor – our Bryan D is now a member! It means now we can have the junior school children planting their plug plants in the field that is when the sun shines! Other volunteers […]

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Caerleon Festival – 2018 and beyond?

The highly successful 15th Annual Summer Festival is still a recent memory.  Volunteers have barely recovered from their exertions in July and yet, already, thoughts are turning to 2018 and the 16th Festival.   The planning process is under way – be assured the “hamster wheel” is revolving and ideas and opportunities are taking shape.  2018 – the hundredth […]

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A Personal Portfolio

I’ve been lucky enough to have an involvement with the Caerleon Arts Festival since 2006, (though I started taking photos from 2007). This small, but growing festival is organised by a team of hard-working, dedicated volunteers & punches way above its weight! Featuring many local & international arts/artists, from the worlds of sculpture and drama, […]

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The 15th Annual Caerleon Festival – THE BEST SO FAR? 

The 15th Annual Caerleon Festival – THE BEST SO FAR?  Months of planning paid off.  A programme of such scope and such ambition came to fruition – over ten days of fine weather. Comedy drama and Choir in the Amphitheatre; Literature and Laughter on the Priory Lawn; Festival Songs of Praise and Choirs in the Church; […]

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